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wreaths that will appeal to your personal taste. Wreaths for weddings, parties, gifts and so much more are made in a home studio near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. It's gorgeous and inspirational!

The beach clearly inspires Annie, but she found a new spark of inspiration on a recent visit to Mexico. She launched a new line of rustic wreaths that enhance the love of ranch, farm and country living. French roosters anyone?? Fiesta wreaths? YES! Each design is one-of-a-kind. If multiples of a design are appropriate (weddings, double doors, resort remodels) please discuss a custom order.

to design matching wreaths was born. ​Using shells and materials on hand, the first designs drew attention of neighbors wanting to buy. Annie was onto something!

Challenged by where to sell her wreaths, Annie plunged into the world of craft fairs at beachside locations. The first, on her home sand in Treasure Island, was amateur at best. With 12 wreaths, a collapsible table and two red patio umbrellas, she loaded her convertible. She sold out! Annie was convinced that she was indeed, onto something!

After many trials and errors, Beachy Wreaths by Annie Gray is now the destination for people who know that the front door is the focal point of the home everyday beyond Christmas. Annie designs in a modern, creative way. She loves life in the rustic mountains and at the beach, or at the farm or desert. Creating wreaths is her outlet to make the 

Meet Annie Gray

A relocation to Florida and design inspiration took over.

A St. Louis business woman, transplanted to the Florida's gulf coast when her husband took a job transfer with Delta Airlines, Beachy Wreaths is the third career for this serial entrepreneur. After moving into a new home with "naked doors" the inspiration